"Trouble in Toyland" Report Highlights Dangerous Toys

The government is highlighting the most dangerous toys that parents need to be aware of.  The U.S. Public Interest Research Group's "Trouble in Toyland" report cites two fidget spinners.  One is the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass and the second is the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal.  Both contain excessively high levels of lead.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission does not classify the fidget spinners as toys and so the spinners are not regulated for lead in children's products. 

Other dangerous toys include peg games with pieces that can become choking hazards.  Toys that feature magnets and toys that overheat from batteries and chargers are a danger. The PIRG also reminds parents that balloons can cause a choking issue because of small pieces. 

There's even a doll that may violate a child's privacy.  It's called My Friend Cayla and consumer groups warn it could violate privacy because it connects to the Internet, collects data and shares information. 


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