Publicist: Masterson Couldn't Have Raped His Own Girlfriend

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Four women have accused That '70s Show actor Danny Masterson of rape, and his publicist is catching heat for how she's defending him. Two of Masterson's accusers have told HuffPost Jenni Weinman is refuting and helping cover up (along with others in the Scientology community) his alleged crimes, via a campaign the women say includes threats and lies. One of her claims in particular is raising eyebrows: that Masterson couldn't have raped at least two of the women because he was in romantic relationships with them at the time. 

Chrissie Bixler was one of Masterson's exes (she was with him for six years), and she says he raped her twice when she was unconscious. Bixler was a Scientologist at the time (she's since left the church), and as Scientologists discourage followers from going to the cops, Bixler filed a report with the church about Masterson's alleged transgressions.

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