Cops: Woman Dead After Hunter Thought He Saw a Deer

Photo Credit: Getty Images

A western New York woman was shot and killed while walking her dogs Wednesday night—by a hunter, police say. Deputies say Thomas Jadlowski, 34, thought he spotted a deer in a field in the Town of Sherman and fired; he told authorities he then heard a scream and went to investigate, WKBW reports. 

In the field, about 200 yards away, he found 43-year-old Rosemary Billquist with a gunshot wound; he called 911 and applied pressure to the wound until emergency personnel arrived, but Billquist died at a nearby hospital. Jadlowski appeared to have fired the shot after sunset, Buffalo News reports; the call came in at 5:24pm and the sun set at 4:46pm. That's after the legal limit for deer-hunting hours; it's unclear whether charges will be filed.

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