Drawings By Presidents Trump and Kennedy Are Expected To Sell For Thousands

The leaders of the free world are known for their strength, diligence, charisma, and their intellectual capacity. However, their artistic ability is rarely spoken about.

That may change fairly soon, as an art auction show will be featuring pieces from both of the these presidents alongside one another. Their original pieces will be displayed and sold at Heritage Auctions' Americana & Political Memorabilia auction.

The first comes from President Trump, however it was created before he was elected to the Oval Office. Trump donated the piece to a charity in 2005, and though it is merely a doodle, it is expected to fetch at least $15,000 at the event. It actually looks quite good.

The piece was drawn over a decade ago and featured the New York City skyline alongside the Hudson river, complete with the city's iconic yellow cabs, pedestrians, and even some trees in a tender reflection of the city he was born in.

However, it is believed that even with the high estimated value, the work of former president John F. Kennedy will sell for many times more than the amount Trump's piece will get.

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Photo: Shared.com


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