He Was Witness to a Double Murder—From 600 Miles Away

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Cody Ha may have been 600 miles from his friend in Texas, but the 23-year-old Kansas man sounded as though he were in the same room via the microphones and headphones the pair used to communicate while playing video games online with others Saturday. 

Then, around 10pm, Ashley Martinez of Houston heard at least two loud popping noises that hurt his ears, reports the Wichita Eagle. Ha didn't speak again, and when players called his phone, they heard only the unanswered ring through his microphone, Martinez says. 

An hour later, they heard something else: Ha's sister arriving at the Wichita home to find her brother and 62-year-old mother, Huong Pham, covered in blood, dead of gunshot wounds, per KAKE. "She was panicking," Martinez recalls. "She said she didn't feel safe."

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