Here's How You Can Connect iHeartRadio To All Of Your New Christmas Gadgets

Electronics are a huge go-to for Christmas gifts and we know that millions of Americans are currently basking in the beauty of their new gadgets since unwrapping their presents. With new smart speakers, phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming consoles and Smart TVs, there's nothing like getting your devices up and running. In between all of that set-up, you should also take the time to get your new items connected to the free iHeartRadio app. After all, the app lets you listen to all of your favorite live radio stations and even lets you create your own commercial-free custom stations from a catalog of millions of songs.

Plus, with iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access Powered by Napster, you can now skip unlimited songs, save songs heard on the radio to a playlist, instantly replay a song from the radio, listen offline, and listen to millions of songs on demand. We're telling you. The free iHeartRadio app is available online, on mobile phones and tablets, in cars and on connected devices including Xbox, PlayStation and Smart TVs. 

Scroll on below to find out just some of the ways you can connect with your favorite music, radio and personalities through thousands of live radio stations from across the country using the iHeartRadio app.

Mobile Devices

Whether you're Team iPhone or Team Android, the iHeartRadio app is a multi-faceted app that plays both sides. In fact, you can get closer to some of your favorite artists on plenty of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, Andoid, iPad, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone and many more. Just make sure you search the iHeartRadio app in your online store and you'll have the best streaming radio app to-date. Plus, where else can you have access to thousands of the country's best live radio stations and custom stations you control? Exactly.

Fun fact: For those iOS device users, the new 8.8.1 version of the iHeartRadio app also helps you experience podcasts in the most convenient way. You can now take your favorite podcasts with you anywhere. All you have to do is just tap on the episode overflow button and select "Download Episode." You can find all your downloaded episodes conveniently located under "Your Podcasts" on the Podcasts tab. Head to iTunes for the more information!

Home Devices

iHeartRadio is also available to you from the convenience of your very own home and the capability that the app has with some of your favorite devices, including the Mac, Amazon Echo, Apple TV, is impressive in itself. Downloading the free iHeartRadio app on your new devices also allows you the function of asking Alexa and Google for your favorite stations. Alexa also helps out with the tunes you like and dislike. Make sure you tell her just how you feel about a track by saying: "Alexa, I like this song" or "Alexa, thumbs down."

If that wasn't enough, we also recently announced that iHeartRadio is available on Xfinity X1. As part of our team-up with Comcast, X1 customers can also have access to over 1,000 live radio stations from across the country, straight from their set-top box. Jibo, everyone's favorite little robot, has also turned into a DJ this holiday season with the launch of Jibo Music. All you have to do is ask Jibo to play what you want or tap Jibo Music and choose a genre on the touch screen, and Jibo will stream an iHeartRadio pop station. Oh, and don't think you're just limited to access the app with just the above devices. The iHeartRadio app is everywhere.

Automotive Devices

What happens when you hop in your car? Well, iHeartRadio is also available via automotive devices. Whether you have your iPhone or Android device on you or you depend on services like Apple CarPlay, iHeartRadio goes where you go and that includes on the road travel. Among some of the cars you can connect iHeartRadio to include BMW, Buick, Caddilac, Chevrolet, just to name a few.


You're not going to always be in the house, office or the car, and that's why iHeartRadio is also available on your very own arm. Yep, you can connect and download the iHeartRadio app on plenty of wearable devices, including the Android Wear, Apple Watch, Pebble and Samsung Gear S2. We know that technology can be complicated, but the iHeartRadio app is meant to be simple and if you received any of the aforementioned devices for the holiday season, you're going to want to make sure that you're connected to the best streaming app service out there. We promise that you won't regret it. 

Click here for more information on the free iHeartRadio app and for a full list of the different devices that you can experience all of your favorite music, radio and personalities through thousands of live radio stations from across the country.

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