Drivers Who Cut Through This Town Might Owe $200

Authorities in Leonia, New Jersey, are so tired of out-of-town drivers clogging their streets during rush hour that they're taking what even the police chief acknowledges is "extreme" action: They're outlawing out-of-town drivers at crunch time. Soon, anyone not from Leonia caught driving there between 6 and 10am and 4 and 9pm will face a $200 fine, reports the Star-Ledger

Cops would be able to quickly figure that out because residents are being issued yellow tags to hang on their rear-view mirrors. "It's an extreme initiative, I'll be the first to admit that," says Police Chief Thomas Rowe. "However the traffic that we deal with is completely extreme." The problem is that Jersey drivers cut through the small borough to get to the George Washington Bridge.

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