It Is So Cold Even Niagara Falls Has Frozen Over


The brutal cold gripping a big stretch of the U.S. won't be going away for awhile. Forecasters say the weather will get even colder across the Great Lakes and the Northeast all the way into the weekend. 

It is so cold, that Niagara Falls has partially frozen over. Temperatures near the Falls have ranged from 14 to 22 degrees and the cold weather is expected to last for at least a week so visitors who are brave enough to venture out will be able to capture some breathtaking views of the iconic falls covered in ice. 

To the south, hard freeze warnings are in effect from Texas to northern Florida and temperatures will stay ten to 15 degrees colder than average across the Southeast.  

More than 100-million people, from Montana to Maine are under wind chill warnings and advisories today.  The Plains and the Midwest will be a little less frigid.  Minneapolis should see an afternoon high of 12 today, instead the below-zero cold of the past few days. 


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