Woman Who Tried to Combat Co-Worker's Odor Gets Fired

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 A bizarre lawsuit out of Indianapolis revolves around life at the office and body odor. As IndyStar reports, the mess began when workers in the city's magistrate court complained about a co-worker's chronic body odor. That prompted Amber Bridges, as part of her role as lead staff, to place air fresheners around the office. 

Soon, others did the same, and the co-worker with the body-odor problem eventually complained to human resources. Bridges then got fired, the explanation being that she had created a hostile work environment. Now she is suing the city, arguing that her firing violates the American With Disabilities Act. The lawsuit makes a two-part argument: the co-worker's body odor is a protected disability, and, thus, Bridges cannot be fired because of her association with the co-worker.

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