Mike Tyson Breaks Ground on Marijuana Ranch in California


The former heavyweight champion of the world says he wants to bring a cannabis resort to Californians in California City. And thanks to California's new law approving recreational marijuana sales, it's a cannabis products. 

According to TheBlast.com, Tyson wants to build a forty-acre ranch specifically for weed enthusiasts of all kinds. Tyson Ranch will use half of its land for professional growers who want to cultivate new strains and use technology to advance marijuana research. 

Plans for the other half of the land include an amphitheater, facilities for 'Glampers' an edible factory, as well as an area for people to make extracts like the highly concentrated "honey oil" that is popular among users. 

The resort is being built about a hundred miles north of Los Angeles in a remote California town south of Death Valley called California City. Residents there say they expect the "Green Rush" to bring a lot of business to the small desert town. 

Tyson moved forward with his weed farm groundbreaking even as Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued new orders, rolling back an Obama-era rule that allowed states to decide their stance on marijuana laws. It's hard to say whether this will affect Tyson's ranch, but the state's attorney general, Xavier Bacerra has signaled his intent to protect the state's voter-approved law legalizing recreational marijuana. 


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