Family Devastated After Funeral Home Cremates The Wrong Body

A grieving family was mortified after they learned a funeral home accidentally cremated the body of their loved one. According to the CBC, the unidentified family showed up at the Serenity Funeral Home in Berwick, Nova Scotia for the open-casket viewing of Sandra Bennett, who passed away after battling a lengthy illness at the age of 65, when they noticed the woman in the casket was not actually Sandra. 

Sandra's widow spoke with the funeral home staff and they wheeled in a second casket. The woman in that casket was not Sandra either, but she was wearing Sandra's clothing.

After more discussions, the funeral home realized they made a huge mistake. They cremated Sandra by accident. One family member said the situation was "just like a horror story."

The funeral home is investigating the mix-up and said through their attorney they are taking "this matter very seriously."

Rest assured, Serenity Funeral Home takes utmost pride in the services it provides and takes this matter very seriously

Photo: Getty Images


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