Fourteen Students Hospitalized After Eating 'Laced' Candy

Fourteen students from James Russell Lowell Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois, were rushed to the hospital on Wednesday (January 17) morning following a Level 1 Hazmat situation. The students become ill "after possibly consuming candy laced with an unknown substance," according to WGN-TV. The students, who were all 13 or 14-years-old, are said to be in good condition. 

Concerned parents were given conflicting reports about the incident. According to the Chicago Tribune, some parents were told it was just a drill, while others were told that there was an emergency. As parents scrambled to check on their kids, a security guard reassured them that if they were not contacted by school officials, their children were safe. 

Authorities are still investigating the incident and have offered few details. One grandparent claims that older students brought the candy, which he claims was laced with marijuana, to school and handed it out. It is unknown if any of the 14 students knew the candy they were eating was laced with drugs.  

Photo: Getty Images


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