Glenn Frey's Widow Sues for Wrongful Death

Cindy Frey, the widow of Eagles singer and co-founder Glenn Frey, has reportedly filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital that treated the rock icon before he passed away. 

The suit accuses Mount Sinai Hospital and the physician who treated Frey of negligence and failure to properly diagnose and treat the musician, according to Rolling Stone.

Frey died almost two years to the day the lawsuit was filed due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia. Cindy Frey is seeking damages for pain and suffering, wrongful death and loss of services of a spouse. 

None of the parties involved in the lawsuit have commented on it. Rolling Stone says it also reached out to the Eagles representation, which declined. 

The complaint says that Frey was a patient at Mount Sinai from October to November of 2015. During that time, the complaint alleges that Frey's doctors failed to quickly and correctly treat the singer's ulcerative colitis and associated symptoms.

It also claims Frey's doctor mishandled treatment of the singer's respiratory issues and was too slow to treat an infection. 

The suit says: "As a result of the foregoing acts of negligence, Glenn Frey was rendered sick, lame and disabled, suffered injuries, pain, mental anguish, was compelled to seek medical care and attention, incurred expenses thereof, and was permanently injured and disabled until the time of his death."

Last year the Eagles reformed with Frey's song Deacon taking up his father's place in the band. 

In 2018, the legendary band has announced a North American tour with more than 40 concerts, beginning March 12.

Eagles co-founder Don Henley, who initially pronounced the band finished after Frey's death, began to warm up to the possibility of continuing the band with Deacon Frey in 2017 and finally welcomed Deacon into the band last summer at the Classic West and Classic East festival shows.

"The only way it felt justified to me was to have family blood in the band," Henley said, before complimenting Deacon's ability and composure taking up his father's spot onstage. 

Get more information about the Eagles 2018 tour here

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