The XFL Is Coming Back In 2020

WWE CEO Vince McMahon is giving professional football another try. According to ESPN, McMahon plans to bring back the XFL in 2020. He attempted to create a rival league to the NFL in 2001, but it never gained traction and lasted only one season. This time around McMahon said the XFL would not rely on gimmicks to attract fans.

The league will feature eight teams competing over the course of a ten game season. McMahon expects to narrow the list of cities down soon, and have the teams formed by 2019. He wants the teams to have a year to practice and prepare, so they are putting out the best product possible. 

It's extremely important that we have time to get together and get them practicing so we can have a quality product

McMahon is expected to invest around $100 million in the new league and will fund it entirely himself. As the sole owner of all the teams, it will allow him to set the rules and run everything his way. 

I can say, 'Here are the rules, and as long as you are playing football in the stadium for us, you follow these rules.'

Former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel is excited for the league to return and tweeted " @VinceMcMahon."

Manziel better not get his hopes up for making a comeback though. McMahon said that players who have a criminal record would not be eligible to play. 

"We are evaluating a player based on many things, including the quality of human being they are," McMahon said. If you have any sort of criminal record or commit a crime you aren't playing in this league."

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