Track Elon Musk's Tesla As It Speeds Through Space

Worried about Starman? Wondering how Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is doing as it takes takes its billion-year journey through space? Then you're in luck, a new website can help you track its every move. 

Earlier this month, SpaceX tested its new Falcon Heavy rocket using a very special payload - Elon Musk's very own cherry red Tesla Roadster. After a successful launch, viewers watched the Roadster helmed by a spacesuit-wearing dummy named "Starman" float through space until the camera's batteries ran out.  

But now, one website (not affiliated with SpaceX) is allowing people to track the whereabouts of Starman and the Roadster as compared to the orbits of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Called Where is Roadster, the website is the brainchild of Ben Pearson, an engineer who is using data from JPL Horizons to find the Roadster's position.

Musk tweeted out a link to the site on Sunday along with a sarcastic message about his former car: "I'm sure it's parked around here somewhere." 


According to the site, the car is about 2.3 million miles away from Earth, traveling at about 42,848 mph, way over the speed limit. The site estimates that as of February 19th, the car has exceeded its 36,000 mile warranty 669 times so far while driving around the sun. 

Hopefully that'll show up on the CarFax. 


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