Police Searching For Shirtless Woman Caught On Video Stealing Packages


Police in El Dorado Hills, California are looking for a woman who was caught on video stealing packages from a local home, according to Fox 40. The woman, who was not wearing a shirt, was recorded two times stealing packages from a local home. 

In the first video, which was uploaded to Facebook by the El Dorado Hills police department, the woman was seen walking up the porch wearing an open winter jacket with no shirt underneath. She grabs three boxes from Amazon before walking away.


Whatever was in those packages was not enough for the woman. She came back less than one hour later, this time wearing just a bra. She grabbed the other boxes which were left on the porch after her first heist. 


The homeowners were upset because the packages contained presents for their children. 

“It’s very hard for us because it’s right before New Year and it was our gifts to our children,"

Police are hoping that releasing the video will help identify the woman. They pointed out that she has a belly-button ring and a tattoo on her left shoulder, which both would have been covered if she was wearing a shirt during her crime. 

"Usually you try to cover yourself up when you’re stealing stuff," Sergeant Prencipe said. "This one was taking clothes off as she came in the second time."


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