Tennessee Inmate Escapes For Sixth Time

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee is having one heck of a time trying to keep an inmate in jail. 

Philip Andrew Marshall has successfully escaped from custody once again, making this the sixth time he's managed to get out of a correctional facility in Shelbyville, Tenn, the sheriff's office said. 

According to the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Marshall was discovered missing around 5 a.m. on Monday. 

Last month, Marshall was able to get away after he was left unshackled during shower time - despite an order that he's supposed to be shackled whenever he's outside his cell, authorities said. He was able to escape by getting through a door that a jail employee failed to completely shut. 


Bedford County Jail administrator Tim Lokey told Kentucky.com that part of the issue is because of overcrowding at the jail, and a severe lack of guards which can compound mistakes. At times, guards are outnumbered by inmates almost 50 to one. 

In October, Marshall escaped again, this time with two other inmates who used bed sheets as a makeshift rope to rappel to freedom. Other escape attempts by Marshall include a time when he managed to leave the county's workhouse where he was staying while the county conducted repairs on the jail. 

Bedford County Sheriffs are asking people to be on the lookout for Andrew Phillip Marshall and notify their office immediately at 931 684 3232. 


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