Chris Cornell's Widow Blames Doctors For His Suicide


The widow of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, Vicky Karayiannis, claimed that doctors are to blame for her husband's suicide, saying that they should have never prescribed him benzodiazepine for his shoulder pain due to Cornell's history of substance abuse. 

During her interview with Good Morning America, Vicky said Chris should have been closely supervised by doctors after prescribing him benzodiazepine to help him sleep after suffering from a torn shoulder. "In retrospect, I've learned that's not supposed to be given to anyone who is in recovery and if you have to give it they have to be closely monitored and should not be given for more than two to three weeks," Vicky explained. 

The prescription caused Cornell to relapse and kicked off a downward spiral for the late-singer. "In a seven day period, he took twenty-something pills and in a nine-day period - thirty-three," Vicky added.

When asked if she directly blames Chris's addiction for his suicide, Vicky said, "I don't think that he could make any decisions because of the level of impairment. People say, "you can't blame yourself." I'm trying not to but there were signs." 

Cornell was one of the architects of grunge music, paving a path for the scene with the release of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger in 1991. He took his life in a Detriot hotel room following a Soundgarden concert. He was 52. 

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