Movie Theater Cancels 'Black Panther' Showing After Woman Yells Racial Slur


A movie theater in New Jersey was forced to stop a showing of Black Panther after a woman shouted a racial slur during the movie. According to, the intoxicated woman was being disruptive and yelling at the screen. When she screamed the n-word at the movie screen, other patrons had enough. 

Other moviegoers started shouting back at the woman, and the theater was forced to stopped the movie and called the police. 

When the cops showed up, only one person was able to identify the woman, and would not sign a complaint against her. The theater banned the woman from coming back. All the guests were given passes to return to the theater to see the movie again. 

Black Panther crushed box office records earning a massive $241.9 million in ticket sales, making it the highest-grossing movie on President's Day weekend. It beat out Deadpool, which earned $152 million when it was in theaters in 2016. The movie made $40.16 million on President's Day alone, which is more than any other film in history brought in on a Monday. 

The critically-acclaimed film has pulled in $426.6 million globally.


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