Man Crashes Car Into Connecticut Hospital, Set Himself on Fire


Middlesex Hospital in Middletown in Connecticut was put on lockdown after a man rammed his car into the emergency entrance and then set himself on fire. According to NBC Connecticut, authorities found gas cans in his car and said the crash was intentional. 

The man, who was in his 20's, was taken to Bridgeport Hospital, where he is in critical condition in the burn unit according to WFSB.  Authorities said the suspect was known to the police but did not release any information about him. 

An eyewitness, who lives across the street from the hospital, said he saw the explosion and ran outside where he could hear the man screaming.

“I heard a noise," said Gary Mills, an eyewitness. "I was in my room. I put my shoes on and looked out the window and I saw all the smoke coming out. I said 'something is happening over there.' My sister got up. We went outside and we saw all the flames and then over this side I see this guy screaming, he was screaming! I said, that guy's on fire."

Middletown Mayor Dan Drew said it appears to be an "isolated incident," and that authorities do not "believe there is any threat to the community."

"At this time, we don't believe there is any threat to the community and we believe this to be an isolated incident."

The emergency room remains closed, and police told people to avoid the hospital while the investigation continues. The Middletown Press reports that about 30 people were in the emergency room at the time, and they were all evacuated safely.


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