Man Arrested After Allegedly Riding Horse Drunk On California Freeway

A man who was busted trying to ride his horse while under the influence on a busy California freeway is now in jail on a DUI charge.

The California Highway Patrol says Luis Perez of Placenticia, California was allegedly riding his horse in the eastbound lanes of the 91 Freeway in Southern California around 1 a.m. when officers pulled up. 

Officers say the rider hoofed his way into the nearby city of Bellflower where they took him into custody.

Perez failed a field sobriety test with a blood alcohol limit of more than double the legal limit when they took his horse. 

The horse is fine and is back with Perez's mother, but the 29-year-old had to finish celebrating his birthday in jail where he is currently being held in lieu of more than $50,000 bail. 

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