Neil Young Is Glad He Annoys NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch is well-known these days for two bold stances: her opposition to gun control in the face of hundreds of civilian mass-shooting casualties in recent years...and her outspoken hatred for the music of Neil Young

Always the type to speak her mind, Loesch has lobbed several insults at Young over the years. She once wrote of Young that "His voice sounds like a bloated cow farting and dying all at once."

Young today responded to Loesch after being prompted by The Daily Beast in an interview surrounding his new movie, Paradox, which debuts next week on Netflix.

The Daily Beast notes that Loesch has panned Young via Twitter at least 15 times. 


Young is amused by Loesch's dislike of his music—after all, he's had that voice longer than Loesch has been alive; Young's been called worse and he surely knows it.

“Well, she’s one of the gang over there," Young responded after being reminded who Dana Loesch is. "Although Trump likes my music. He’d come to all my shows.”

“What’s her name, huh? Well, I’m glad I got under her skin.”

After having one of Loesch's furious Tweets read to him, Young asked, “Why doesn’t she just shoot me?” 

He then corrected himself, saying, “You know, I hate to say that because I have kids and I really don’t want anybody to shoot me. I’ve still got to bring up my kids, so don’t take that seriously!”

Loesch has explained that Young's specter over her life is mainly due to her stepdad, who is apparently a big fan. 


When news of The Daily Beast's angle reacher her own Twitter feed, Loesch Tweeted that it must be a "slow news day" before adding that "Young has a staunch defender in my stepdad, [for what it's worth]."

But for all Loesch's opponents criticize her for, she does have a philanthropic side. 

While her thoughts on Neil Young might be off-base, many will be surprised to find they indeed have common ground with the right-wing pundit. 

Loesch once promised that, should she win the Powerball jackpot, she would pay Nickelback to stop making music (along with Bush and of course Young).   

Check out the trailer to Paradox below. 

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