YouTube Bans Firearm Demonstration Videos

YouTube is stepping into the debate on gun-control, introducing new restrictions on videos about firearms. Videos that show people how to assemble firearms will be banned, as will any video that promotes or links to a website which sells guns, or firearm accessories. The policy will take effect in April but two prominent channels have seen their videos removed. Spike’s Tactical said in a Facebook post that "we’ve melted some snowflakes on @youtube and got banned." Another company, InRange TV said they will no longer upload videos to YouTube and will instead host their videos on Porn Hub, an adult video site. 

The policy change comes as gun control activists have been pressuring technology companies to do more to combat gun violence in the United States. The groups have demanded that streaming companies stop hosting gun-related content, including NRA TV, a channel run by the National Rifle Association. Amazon, Apple, and YouTube have all refused to remove the NRA's channel. The groups hope that getting NRA TV pulled from popular sites will limit their ability to reach new people. The free-to-watch channel is also available on the NRA's official website. 


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