Police Say Mom Forced 14-year-old Daughter To Get Drunk As Punishment

Kentucky mother forces 14-year-old daughter to get 'extremely' drunk

A mother in Kentucky has been arrested after police say she forced her 14-year-old daughter to get 'extremely' drunk as punishment. 

According to police, after 34-year-old Miranda Polston caught her teenage daughter drinking earlier this month she decided that the best way to punish her daughter was to force her to drink so much alcohol, and push her to the point of "extreme intoxication," making the girl sick.

WKYT reports that parts of the alleged incident were caught on camera, with footage showing the tipsy girl trying to hold onto a chair, to keep from falling over. A person can be seen holding her up while another offers her more to drink.

Polston can be heard in the video telling her daughter to keep drinking and that she could be on MTV and make $1 million if she kept going. The daughter tried to refuse according to Captain Mike Correll, but her mother continued to force her to drink alcohol police said.  

People can be heard laughing in the video after the girl can be heard making a 'gurgling sound' and falls face-first on the floor. Polston told officers she was trying to teach her daughter a lesson about drinking. The 34-year-old mother has been charged with first-degree criminal abuse and bond was set at $10,000.

Photo: Pulaski County Detention Center

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