Air Force Veteran Told American Flag Violates "Community's Standards"

A homeowner's association in Ohio told an Air Force veteran that the American flag he has been flying for eight years does not meet “community’s standards” and must be removed or modified to “to ensure compliance" with the rules. Wayne Marchant said he was given verbal permission by a member of the board to build a flagpole, but that person no longer sits on the board. The HOA rules state that homeowners may only display flags that are affixed to their home. He said he has no intention of removing the flag saying "Hell will freeze over before that happens" in a Facebook post in which he detailed the situation. 

"I am about to go on a rant but please hear me out. I believe most of you will be as outraged as me. My wife Beth Ann Kreider Marchant and I live in community called Renaissance just outside of Middletown a short distance from Fenwick High School. Our community has a Homeowners Association that has rules that we must abide by. Most of them good some of them completely assinine. Today we received a notice from the HOA that our flagpole was in violation of HOA rules. We put that flagpole up nine years when we built the house. We received permission from the previous HOA to erect the pole. The only flags that have have flown on the pole are the American and Air Force which I served proudly for eight years. We have been instructed to remove the flagpole. Hell will freeze over before that happens. I have never asked anyone to share any of my posts before. However, if you think this is an outrage please share this. It is a sad state of affairs when a veteran cannot express his pride in America and his branch of service. Thank you."

Many of Marchant's neighbors support his right to fly the flag in their community. Vietnam War veteran Bill McAdory, who also flies an American flag in his yard, said that "Every American citizen should be allowed to fly their flag." He has not received a notice to remove his flag from the association.

“Flying it is what we do and it should be. For Every American citizen should be allowed to fly their flag,” McAdory said. “I can’t believe a flag, especially an American flag, would degrade the looks and the appearance of the property.”

Marchant will be given a chance to appeal to the board to keep the flag up. Marchant said that if he loses his appeal he will comply but said he plans on moving out as soon as his wife retires. 

“If it comes down and they hold their ground and there’s no legal recourse, I’ll have to take it down, but the day my wife retires, we’ll be out of here,” Marchant said.

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