Trump Vows To Put Military Troops On Border

President Trump told reporters that he is planning to use military troops the help guard the border between the United States and Mexico. Before a lunch meeting with leaders from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Trump called the stationing of troops on the border "a big step."

"I told Mexico, and I respect what they did, I said, look, your laws are very powerful, your laws are very strong. We have very bad laws for our border and we are going to be doing some things, I spoke with Mattis, we're going to do some things militarily. Until we can have a wall and proper security, we're going to be guarding our border with the military. That's a big step."

He said the United States immigration laws are "weak and so pathetic" and "we cannot have people flowing into our country illegally."

"We cannot have people flowing into our country illegally, disappearing, and by the way never showing up for court,” he said. “So the court case would be set for two years or three years if you can believe this, and they never show up, for the most part, very rarely do they show up.”

He made the comments as a caravan of migrants is marching from Central America, through Mexico to the U.S. border. The 1,500 person caravan was organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteras, a migrant rights group. Mexico promised to disband the caravan before it reaches the United States after Trump threatened to cut off foreign aid to Honduras, where a large number of the migrants are coming from, and terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which benefits Mexico. 

The plan to send troops to the border has been discussed, but there are no current plans to deploy troops. According to Politico, Defense Secretary James Mattis is not in favor of sending armed troops to the border. 

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