Warwicks Blue Arrow Farm. A True Hidden Treasure.

You would never know it driving along Glenwood Rd, but just past Pochuck Valley Farm sits the Blue Arrow Farm.Owned by Mr. Don Oriolo, Blue Arrow Farm is a Horse Sanctuary. Don plans on continuing to renovate and open up for for weddings, parties, and company meeting retreats.Whats interesting is that Don has set up a beautiful art gallery inside of the farm that features many of his original paintings including Betty Boop, Casper the Friendly Ghost, Elvis Presley and of course FELIX THE CAT. 

I even ran into the one and only AL CHEZ.

Thanks to Don Oriolo for a great afternoon. 

 Look for new and exciting events coming to Blue Arrow Farm, and be sure to follow the progress and the great work Don is doing to rescue some beautiful horses. 

Heres a LINK to the BLUE ARROW FARM Facebook page 

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