Happy 70th Birthday to the LP!

Today, the long-playing record album celebrates its 70th birthday. Columbia Records introduced the LP at a press conference on June 18, 1948.  The long-player was an industry standard up until the mid-80s when CDs and digital technology began to take over.

These days, used record stores are selling good amounts of vinyl in our area.   Parents are turning on their kids to re-discovered titles.  There's just a certain thrill about holding that piece of vinyl in your hands, placing it on the turntable, and then dropping the needle on track one.   And if you ask me, the sound from a vinyl record just seems to sound warmer than a digital signal.  

North Jersey.com has a story today about the vinyl renaissance.

The iHeartRadio app has three new vinyl channels.  Check out:

The Vinyl Experience 

Vinyl Classic Rock 


Vinyl Jazz. 

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