Wantage Rescue Project "Save The Kitties" UPDATE !

I spoke to Don Oriolo today and he gave us a progress report on the rescue effort we told you about last week ! 

This is taken directly from Dons facebook page with permission : 

" Day 10 of Project Save the Kitties: now that we started the next days are going to be repetitious regarding trapping and cleaning. Behind the scenes ,however, there are all of the business ends that will be dealt with. vis a vie traveling down to St Hubert’s with cats, getting them comfortable in new environment, starting the spay and neutering process, and putting the money together that St Hubert will need for staff etc. they gave me a rough idea as to the total that will b...e expected for this whole “private” rescue. Whatever it is it will be worth it. She told me it will be somewhere between 10k and 15k. That undoubtedly will include all merchandise I.e. food, liter, cleaning products and monetary contributions already received. If there’s a “shortfall” ,Felix is prepared to make up the difference. I’ll keep whole operation completely transparent.... we’re doing a good thing... we took big brother out of the equation and we the people, however small in the big picture, control the kitties’ destiny.. we will have only ourselves to self critique. So far it’s perfectly on schedule. I will check all day however I won’t be on site for long today as I have meetings from early morning with building officials from early morning at Blue Arrow. Be happy to know that in only a couple weeks from discovery...the Kitties will be already in another home or will still be being vetted at st Hubert’s. My son told me last night he’s taking one to the gingerbread castle, a project he’s slowly working on... have a great end of week adventure...."

THANK YOU, Don Oriolo  for you kindness and compassion toward these innocent lives.
You are truly their savior ! 

You can each out to BLUE ARROW FARM with this link ! 

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