Legendary DJ Dan Ingram has passed away

If you grew up in the New York area in the Sixties and listened to the radio, then you certainly remember Dan Ingram.  Dan was the afternoon host on 77 WABC, the "Kemo Sabe" of Top 40 radio,  and he was the best deejay I've ever heard.  He called his show "The Ingram Mess" but he was fully in charge and knew where he was taking the audience every time he spoke into the microphone. 

WABC played the huge hits of the day, but I tuned in to hear Dan Ingram. He was so damn funny. He could cram a hilarious line into just the few seconds that a song intro gave him, and he seemed to have an uncanny and fresh way to introduce every new song that came up on his playlist.  He broke the rules, opened mic when you didn't expect him to, and made an indelible impression on me.  

Mr. Ingram was born in Oceanside and worked in my hometown of Patchogue, Long Island at WALK, and a few other stations before landing at WABC.  He passed away in Florida on Sunday evening at the age of 83 after suffering neurological problems over the past few years.

Here's his obit from Newsday on Long Island.

So long Kemo Sabe ... 

And here's a You Tube video that features Dan's radio work.

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