9 Days until our 'NNJ Summer Concert...

The countdown to our 'NNJ Summer Concert continues...

The Last of the Street Survivors tour

with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker, and 38 Special with Wild Adriatic on July 21st
Be listening at 7:05 to call in and win with todys RANDOM FACTS :

1~ The flag that the Apollo 11 astronauts planted on the moon came from Sears.  A NASA employee bought it off the shelf for $5.50 right before the mission.

2~ The "bunny ears" hand gesture was originally called "cuckold's horns" . . . and people held it up behind a guy's head if they knew his wife was cheating on him.

3~For years the consensus was that once you lost brain cells as an adult, they were gone. But that’s not actually true .You can grow new brain cells as an adult. Fact!

Learn more about Human Adult Neurogenesis HERE

Plus.. win passes to the 2018 ORANGE COUNTY FAIR./ MONSTER TRUCK SHOW
on Friday, July 20th
. Listen for the sound of the MONSTER TRUCK at 6am , 8am, 12p, 3p and 5pm to call in and win ! Get more info HERE

STUDIO LINES ARE OPEN (973) 823-1037
LISTEN LIVE NATIONWIDE on iHeart Radio:  www.WNNJ.com/listen

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