Borasio was "ATTACKED" by a baby deer!

I thought I would share this video to put a smile on your face ! 

My friend Debbie Ryan took this video on someone's private property in Allamuchy N.J. about 2 years ago. This particular fawn is completely wild but newly introduced after it's stay with some amazing humans. Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary saves and rehabs injured and abandoned wildlife.  It was released to a friend who has property suitable to sustain a young deer without a mother to support it. The property owners agree to feed the deer special formula untill they adjust to life on their own. The deer stay close to where they are released for a while. When its "feeding time" you go to their general vicinity, make a few calls and they come running...better have their bottles ready  If you have a farm with plenty of (preferably non hunted) land and want to get involved in the program (and maybe have his experience for yourself) , contact Kelly Corless at Antler Ridge.Great people doing amazing work !



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