The Life - and Tragic Death - of Thurman Munson

On August 2, 1979 -- 39 years ago today -- New York Yankee catcher Thurman Munson lost his life when the Cessna Citation Turbojet he was piloting crashed short of the runway at Akron-Canton Airport in Ohio.  He was only 32.  Two passengers were unable to pull Munson from behind the instrument panel and were ultimately forced to make an escape before flames engulfed the plane.    

New documents obtained by the New York Times shed new light on Munson's final moments, and also tell the story of a hard-nosed catcher and former Yankee captain who was deeply respected by his teammates.   I am a life-long Met fan, but it's impossible not to be drawn into this story about Mr. Munson.

Here's the story in today's New York Times.  


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