Have you seen the Alligator Show at the NJ Fair?

The Kachunga and the Alligator Show is the new attraction at the New Jersey State Fair in Augusta this year.

The New Jersey Herald today has a great story about Bert Lucas and his travelling alligator show.  As part of the performance, Lucas sits on the back of a 7-foot alligator and speaks to the crowd about the sharp-toothed reptiles.  There's even an albino alligator in the show.  But fair-goers are not allowed to touch the reptiles as New Jersey is a "no-touch" state.

The show has a home base of nearly 30 gators, all "rescue gators," according to Lucas.

The New Jersey State Fair runs all week until Sunday August 12th.

Here's the story in the Herald, written by Bruce A. Scruton.  

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