District Will Pay Pooping Superintendent over $100,000

This is unreal.

Thomas Tramaglini, the former superintendent of Kenilworth School District who was caught pooping on the high school athletic field, will receive his full salary through September, two months severance pay and $23,827 in unused vacation days.  

Why this guy decided to defecate on the high school track remains a mystery.  He was caught and charged last spring on charges of lewdness and public urination/defecation.  

On top of that, Tramaglini is also suing the district for photographing and "maliciously" circulating his mug shot.  His lawyer says the super pooper committed only a minor offense.

So this crazy guy poops on the high school track, not just once, is caught red-handed, and now will receive over a 100 grand?  Something is very wrong here. 

NJ.com has the full story.

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