Welcome to "When Animals Get Revenge" !!

Ive been around a rodeo or 2 in my day. I understand the huge part that rodeo has in American history, but at some point the animals have to get fed up.

This bull is determined to kill the guy on the ground.. ( Cant say I blame the bull )
I don't think I've ever seen a single minded bull as bad as this one ! 

Im not sure what prompted the first cowboy who saw a 1,500lb bull to say , " Hey ..  I wanna see if I can ride that thing". But im willing to bet the next thing said was " Here , Hold my beer " !

As for this poor guy who's probably got a new perspective on life... We're pretty sure he wont be taunting any more bulls in the future !

In my opinion, "SPORTING EVENTS " should only be allowed when ALL PARTIES involved are willing participants ! 

Wonder if anyone asked the bull if he wanted to play ??

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