I loved "Leave No Trace"

I saw "Leave No Trace" at the Newton Theater last night and I loved it.  And I'm so happy that JP and the staff are showing quality films on Monday and Tuesday evenings at the Newt.

"Leave No Trace" is about Will (Ben Foster) , a veteran with PTSD, who wants nothing to do with modern civilization and chooses to live in a makeshift tent in a national park in Oregon with his 13-year-old daughter Tom (Thomasin McKenzie.)  Authorities eventually round up  Will and Tom and bring them in to Social Services.  The daughter is very smart, and she reads above public-school level.  Her dad has taught her well.  The two are eventually placed in a home on a farm where Will gets a job working with pine trees.  Still, he doesn't want a TV in the house.  He won't carry a phone.  On the other hand, Tom learns to ride a bike and meets a boy involved with the local 4H club.   Soon Will wants to return to the wilds.  Can you see where this might be going?

That's all I'll divulge of the story.  Both lead performers are outstanding, especially young Ms. McKenzie, and the story moves along in a slow but steady pace, so this film might not be for everyone.  But it really gripped me and tugged at my heart at the end.  The film leaves quite an impression.  I've been thinking about it all day.  

"Leave No Trace" is currently playing at the Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg.  Here is the film's official website.

And here's the trailer:  

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