"No Touching" means NO TOUCHING !

I dont care if shes a waitress at your local diner, or the local strip club. Women deserve to be respected.  It doesnt matter if she is a cocktail waitress in a place that  showcases beautiful women dressed in their skimpy undergarments dancing for the enjoyment of men ( and women, too) !

This waitress had to remind one customer of that policy... 

From Youtube :" Emelia Holden, 21, sorting through a pile of menus at Vinnie Van Go-Go's in Savannah, Georgia, when the perv gropes her on his way out.But brave Emelia immediately turned to grab him by the scruff of his neck - before throwing him against a wall with one arm.She then berates him in front of other customers before telling co-workers to call the police."

I fully agree with this particular articles author, Jacob Dirnhuber

 "You have every right to wear what you want and you most certainly have every right to defend yourself.

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