Should Rutgers punish a Prof who said "F--- white people?"

Rutgers University officials recently ruled that a white professor who said he hates white people violated university policy.  Rutgers University president Robert Barchi is now asking officials to re-think their decision.

According to, Rutgers president Barchi is assembling a special advisory group to assist the Office of Employment Equity who levied the original ruling that could lead to a suspension for the professor, James Livingston. 

Livingston wrote on his Facebook page "OK, I now officially hate white people.  I hereby resign from my race. F--- these people,"  after seeing a restaurant in Harlem that was, in his words "overrun with little caucasian a--holes."  Professor Livingston later said that the post was satire.

NJ. com has the story.  

Photo: Tomwsulcer

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