The joy and the pain of having PETS !

Its no secret that I'm a HUGE animal lover.
I have 3 pets that share my living space. 2 cats; Max (age 16) & Buddy ( also about 16) and my dog, Bowser.  Yes, a true bachelor pad.
Taking care of their physical (and mental) health is just a small part of the responsibility of having pets.
Back in May, I noticed a lump developing on Buddys rear right hip area. I thought nothing of it. "Maybe it's just a fatty cyst."

A few weeks went by and the 'lump' grew larger. It was time to get a professional opinion . After bringing him to a vet to have it looked at , the results came back that it was cancer.
Because of his age and the type of cancer he has, surgery was not a possible option. The vets said he probably only had a few months to live.
My job now was to figure out how to make him as comfortable as possible, without ending his life too soon.  Buddy is not doing great, but not he's ready for the bridge yet. Its been 7 weeks since diagnosis. We agreed that he still has more time. He hasn't lost a great amount of weight in 3 weeks, still has an appetite, and is " functioning" properly so, we drained the tumor again and hope for the best. Last time we drained it we got 140cc's. This time, 230cc !! Doc says its growing very aggressively and this may be the last time we're able to drain. ( see video) 

As for my dog,  Bowser. As many boxer/pitbull mixed breeds do, he has some skin issues. A few 'unusual' growths that we had to have removed. He also broke his large lower canine tooth while chewing on a cow. THAT had to be removed before any abscess occurred or infection developed.
 First and most importantly NO CANCER ! About 6 different spots removed. Some required stitches.  did okay thru the overnight and thru surgery. We just have to watch for bleeding from the mouth because of the canine extraction. Anti-inflammatory (Rimadyl) for pain and swelling. 2 weeks limited activity. No swimming. Otherwise, (aside from his Lyme disease...)  he gets a clean bill of health. 

If youre curious about his fancy collar that I MADE MYSELF... Simply go to any local store that sells swimming pool noodles, cut it into 2" pieces and secure it with a piece of string or long shoe laces.
 BOOM.. A cheap and easy way to prevent your pet from licking at his stitches or whatever they shouldn't be licking

 For now, we're all home together as comfortable as can be.  We are so fortunate to have the option and ability to help our animal friends live as comfortably as possible with pain until the end of their days.

 Thanks again for all your thoughts and comments, it means so much. 

Stay tuned.

 The journey continues....


And now students, this is how you drain the tumor. ( and get to stay alive a little longer) We filled that syringe almost 4 times.... (Thank God for the internet or you'd never be able to see this.)

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