The Blue Arrow Farm in Pine Island is AMAZING !

This weekend, I was invited to a private Labor Day party on the beautiful grounds of what is becoming the "BLUE ARROW FARM " in Pine Island N.Y.
At the moment the farm is not yet opened to the public, but stay tuned for many amazing things being planned for a wonderful future on this gorgeous property right in our backyards. 

Words cannot truly express the event that took place at the Blue Arrow Farm this Labor Day weekend. It was a combination of great people a gracious host Spectacular music and spectacular food. The blue arrow staff was flawless provided everybody's needs and work so very hard. Friends coming together to share a good time, you could feel the love in the air. Times like these makes you wish that the day would never end.

Heres a gallery of some of the beautiful people and things to be seen at Blue Arrow.

A HUGE thank yo to DON ORIOLO for being the kind and generous host that he is. 

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