Illegal Guns and Drugs found in Montague home.

As reported by Lori Comstock of the NJ Herald:

 "After gunshots were reportedly fired during a domestic dispute in the township Friday, state police officers arrived on scene to find a man and a woman slumped over in chairs inside their home, with one of them holding a gun." 

 Both were arrested and are facing a total of 10 charges: "second-degree possession of a firearm with the purpose to use unlawfully; two counts of third-degree theft of movable property; third-degree possession of a sawed-off shotgun; third-degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance -- heroin; fourth-degree possession of a prohibited weapon; fourth-degree possession of a weapon not appropriate for lawful use; fourth-degree possession of large capacity ammunition; possession of handcuffs not appropriate for lawful use, a disorderly persons offense; and possession of marijuana under 50 grams, a disorderly persons offense."


Great job by our local law enforcement agencies.
Hopefully, now , these 2 can get the help they need !


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