G'bye,Bowcraft. Another landmark to be destroyed !

As a kid, i remember a bunch of places that have gone by the way side.. The old race track in Pine Brook ( Now a Home Depot)... the little amusement park on rt 46 in Montville. ( now a Roy Rogers)

Now another one is slated to be destroyed to make room for some housing development.  

Remember BOWCRAFT on Rt 22 ?  Well, according to mycentraljersey.com , if a plan is approved, it's going to be a site for "affordable housing".

Developer , ATA had received approval in December 2016 to demolish the family amusement park and build 200 housing units — 190 apartments and 10 townhouses

Of the units, according to the preliminary investigation of the property, 35 will be designated as affordable.

The township planning board  will consider at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday whether to designate the 13-acre property on westbound Route 22 as a redevelopment area.

See the FULL ARTICLE here ! 

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