I'll always remember our "Twin Towers"!

The following is a compilation of my own words , and words that have been shared by friends thru the years ! I was producing the morning show on 103.5 WKTU in Jersey City that morning ! I was with "Goumba" Johnny Sialiano Michelle Visage, Mike Opelka, Noel "Speedy" Mercado and the office staff already taking on the day. Our transmitter was on the tower.  Just after 8:46, our transmitter was knocked out of commission. Mere seconds later our back-up transmitter in the Empire State Building kicked on and we  began reporting on the "aviation accident" and warned people to stay out of lower Manhattan.

Then, a few moments later, the second plane struck the other building as we watched and a fireball could be seen from across the Hudson River.

We all knew, This was no accident.

The images that I saw in the moments after that will NEVER leave my mind ...EVER !

The worst, was watching people jumping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive !  

For 36 hours we stayed at the radio station. Helped on the bucked brigades with supplies and equipment.. Shared the updates on air with friends, families and stations around the world.  Everything changed that day.

There is so much more to share.... Soooo many more names to remember...so many small moments that  I will never..ever forget.


8:46 a.m.: Hijackers deliberately crash American Airlines Flight 11 into floors 93 through 99 of the North Tower.

9:03 a.m.: Hijackers deliberately crash United Airlines Flight 175 into floors 77 through 85 of the South Tower.

9:37 a.m.: Hijackers deliberately crash American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

9:59 a.m.: The South Tower collapses.

10:03 a.m.: After learning of the other attacks, passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 launch a counterattack on hijackers aboard their plane to try to seize control of the aircraft. In response, the hijackers crash the plane into an empty field near Shanksville, P.A.

10:28 a.m.: The North Tower collapses.

When I remember September 11th 2001... it was for me, the day this generation lost its innocence. We learned in a few hours how hateful and violent some people could be… and with that we lost a sense of safety... and security we still haven’t recaptured. In the first couple of days after 9/11... I remember how angry I was.. how much... I wanted to hurt somebody back... find the bad guys and hurt them the way they had hurt us... I felt the pain... and loss of so many innocent lives... but then, something changed!  I saw the people around me straighten their backs and lift their head and look to each other with caring... and compassion... Do you remember?

For a time everyone was a little kinder… a little more patient... we were more considerate of each other... and we all shared a common shock and grief that truly united us... made us more tolerant of each other we were Americans... working together... for our country... and each other... I remember hearing many people say “wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep this spirit?”... Now 17 years later the hurt and loss are still with us... even the anger remains for many... but we are back to being impatient, intolerant... and unkind to one another… we scream and shout when softer words might have more effect... and what is worse that special feeling of togetherness we all had for a little while… is gone.  I miss that most of all... 

John Bell~ Thank you, my radio brother, for these words! 

God bless those who died on September 11, 2001...the innocents who were at work on a beautiful Tuesday morning and the heroes who rushed toward the danger, saving countless lives before losing their own.

You. Will. Never. Be. Forgotten.

Borasio ~

WTC Photo : Pixabay

WTC Photo: Pixabay

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