Local Freeholders Oppose Legal Marijuana, 3-2

Following a lengthy debate, the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders voted 3-2 in favor of a resolution that opposes legalization of recreational marijuana use in the state of New Jersey.

Freeholder Deputy Director Sylvia Petillo along with members Carl Lazarro and Herb Yardley supported the opposition measure while Freehold Director Jonathan Rose and member George Graham are against it.

"I see no need to validate another substance that alters one's mind," Lazzaro said. "The philosophy that you can't have fun without getting stoned is relatively sick. There's no need for that."

It's uncertain who alleged that one cannot have fun without getting stoned.   And it's unclear what the point of this vote was, as it does not alter any current laws. 

Rose pointed out that the "war on drugs" is counter-productive and has caused lives to be unfairly ruined.  

Wednesday's vote opposes the viewpoint of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.  

Read the whole story here from the New Jersey Herald.

Photo by Pixabay 


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