A Celebration of Life and Love after Addiction !

Lets talk about life and ADDICTION ! 

DID YOU KNOW  that one in three people are affected by substance use disorders.
Coffee, Nicotine, Alcohol, Prescription Drugs....
The disease of addiction affects all people- no matter their occupation, income level, race or community status. 

In 2017, the Sussex County area had 38 overdose deaths due to heroin, prescription medications and other drugs, along with 146 overdoses where Narcan was administered by EMS or Law Enforcement. 

Sussex county has a program called C.L.E.A.R  you can GET HELPFUL and LIFESAVING INFO HERE 

That isnt the the end of the story !! 

There is life after addiction. 
Take my friends Curtis and Brandi for example. Both of them are in recovery. Both of them have overcome their potentially deadly battle with drugs and alcohol. They found each other in recovery, and have built a solid foundation together with the deep understanding of where they both came from.  This weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to the celebration of their love for each other, and a sort of victory party ! Victory in that they beat and survived the battle of addiction, and have made the decision to join their lives together and become each others partners and best friends for life.

This was a SOBER WEDDING.  Absolutely no alcohol was served ! And can you believe that everyone had a GREAT TIME without it ..WOW ...UNIMAGINABLE  ! (wink wink)

I'm so happy for them.
 It was an honor to be among such wonderful people in a beautiful setting.
 Im so proud of them for being so open and brutally honest in telling everyone they meet about their story of addiction and how they found recovery. They are living proof that life can be beautiful after addiction.
Congrats Brandi & Curtis !! Thank you for letting me share your special day
We wish you a lifetime of Love , Laughter, and continued Sobriety !

Heres a photo gallery of their special day. 

Brandi & Curtis

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