Franklin board rejects plans for new apartment complex

Nearly 18 months ago, JCM Investors and Silk City Rentals approached the Franklin board with an idea to build a 300-unit apartment complex on a 70-acre parcel of land at 110 Munsonhurst Road.  Last night, the board went over the plan and voted thumbs down on proceeding with the project.

According to the New Jersey Herald, the motion failed by a close vote of 4-5.  

None of those who voted against the project offered a reason why to writer Bruce Scruton, who covered the meeting for the Herald.

In the comments section of the Herald piece, Cheryl Rose Krause posted:  "What the article doesn’t mention is that of those 70 acres only 16 of them are able to be built upon. They majority of the acreage is wetlands and/or within 300 feet of the Wallkill River. Further, the site they wanted to put 300 apartments on is the location of the town’s wells. This is a win for Franklin!"

Here's the piece from the Herald.

Photo: Pixabay 

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