Couple travels 100 miles to Blairstown for a Bird!

How far would you go to get back your lost pet ?  
Most pet owners would probably say " as far as necessary "...

This couple from Moorestown, NJ  ( near Philadelphia) traveled nearly 100 miles to hopefully be reunited with their 18 year old feathered friend , Paulie, a blue-crowned conure, ( a medium-sized member of the parakeet family and a subtropical species not meant for the outdoors of New Jersey)  who "took off" on July 24th while his owner had him out on a stroll at a local park ...

(Who takes their bird on a WALK?)

See the entire story from Lori Comstock  at the NJ HERALD HERE 


Photo :Pixabay

If you spot a neon green bird with a blue head, contact Michael Lupinacci at 215-266-7495 or Jeannie Lupinacci at 856-375-0934.

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