Child Sex Sting Leads To Arrest Of NJ Police Sgt.

This is a bit concerning. 

Sadly, this is an issue that has taken a sort of backseat to many other equally pressing issues like the opioid epidemic or teen suicide...

Have you seen the show "How To Catch A Predator"? This is exactly the same thing ! ! ! 

This week in South Jersey 24 people were arrested during sting conducted by police called "Operation Open House" 

As reported in the Howell Patch

"The social media platforms that were used included Kik, Skout, Whisper and Grindr. The undercover officers clearly identified themselves as underage girls or boys. Despite that information, the defendants allegedly engaged the purported "children" in conversations about sex, and all 24 defendants are alleged to have made arrangements to meet the "children" for sex. "

My curious mind wonders why all police departments aren't doing this in every county in the state 

Photos of the offenders and the complete PATCH article can be seen HERE 

Photo Pixabay


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