Man Who Tried to Drown Dog at Shore Set Free !

FREE after trying to drown a helpless dog out of jealousy and anger ???
This isn't justice..... I thought animal cruelty was a felony ! !  What else is he capable of doing  ??/ 

Jersey Shore On-Line Reports: 

 "Aaron Davis, 34, of Long Branch was charged with
Third Degree Animal Cruelty
Abandonment of a Domesticated Animal
Failure to Provide Necessary Care
Failure to Provide Proper Shelter on August 3 for leaving the animal, a Pitbull-mix, TRAPPED IN A CAGE TO DROWN" 

Davis is NOW FREE free (with certain conditions.) His trial date is not yet set. 

See a photo of the dog and GET THE FULL STORY HERE.

SPOILER ALERT : The dog was saved by Jennifer Vaz who was walking along the bay on that morning . She eventually adopted the dog, naming him River !

Aaron Davis: PHOTO ; Monmouth County Prosecutors Office

Aaron Davis: PHOTO ; Monmouth County Prosecutors Office

Davis left the dog in the cage at approximately 3 a.m., just before the high tide came in.


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